Amazon integration

Would be great to see an integration to link transactions to actual purchases explored.

So like… if I make a purchase on amazon i can go to the transaction page and see “linked purchase”

It could then use that to inform the name of the transaction so rather than them all being “amazon” “amazon” it could say “amazon - {item purchased}

That could also then inform the categories

Amazon - {clothing item} could auto filter to be a clothing category for category level budgets

Would be really helpful for me to have visibility of the specifics of what the transactions are and lead to more powerful budgeting.


Hey @sivnkya :wave:

This would be cool, but I’m not sure how easy it would be to implement!

Would renaming each Amazon transaction manually be a good enough workaround for now?

I’d think it would be pretty reasonable to do. If you look at the shop app by shopify they have managed to integrate the shipping aspect by linking accounts.

The manual workaround is a lot of effort so I wouldn’t be bothered doing each one by one.

What would happen if you bought more than one thing from Amazon at the same time?

Would it show as two separate transactions?

I remember seeing this app and thinking it looks interesting.

Do you purchase things on the app or are they just added after purchasing?

This thread reminded me of an App called Slice in the US, which would scan my emails for receipts, and track all my online shopping shipments.

If Emma could match an email receipt with a purchase, you could display information about the purchase alongside the transaction and even tell me when it was going to arrive. It’s also good for finding key historical info for warranties too.

The best thing was that it would monitor some retailers to see if there was a price drop and then created an automatic email template to request a refund. Saving me money after my purchase was complete!! I’ve only seen certain credit cards do that.

Slice were bought by Rakuten several years ago, and tbh a quick look today looks like they haven’t done very much with the App in several years. Worth taking a look for ideas though… Slice - Track packages, save money on online shopping

This looks really interesting! How accurate would you say it is? (does it miss any emails?)

They’re auto added after purchasing on amazon (without using the shop app). It’s neatly done.

It does yeah. It’s looks like it’s tracking the order ID so it knows orders are separate.

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Yeah! That’s the kind of thing I was thinking too! Thankyou for sharing slice! :blush:

Pretty accurate @rebekah - but mainly worked for the top online retailers. Think they screen scraped standard and recognisable email formats from key retailers to begin with but then used better intelligence. I was happy to have Amazon as was easier than finding in the Amazon app back then.

Broadening the topic slightly, I believe getting item-level data is the next frontier for money management.

Today…if someone spends £50 at Tesco…that might be groceries for one person, shopping (gifts?) for another, or personal care (opticians?), or expenses (business), or even bills for someone else, and then next time, it could be different again for the same person at the same retailer. It’s hard to make a guess when you can get literally anything at the same store.

Same for bills - it’s difficult to tell me I can save money on my BT bill if you don’t know what I pay BT for. My BT bill includes my home phone, mobiles, broadband, BT sport, etc, but my bank transaction is one amount for BT. If you knew what it included (and even when the contracts expired…), you’d really be able to help me save money, especially when one day, I expect the switch will just happen in the background without me knowing and I’ll just get a push notification to say Emma saved me money today :pray: :wink:

If Emma can find ways to get data directly from merchants (or via user permissons) to see receipt level data, contracts, bills, etc, this would be a game changer IMHO. Several solutions are doing this like Flux, Slice, Filethis…but no one has really cracked it yet…

This would be pretty awesome! Maybe we’ll be the first to do it properly :smirk: