A warning about using Amazon

Amazon is really convenient, but when they mess up they take no responsibility. Here is the story about what happened to me and how they decided to deal with it. Let this be a cautionary tale.

While living at my old apartment packages would often go missing as the Amazon delivery person often dropped of all packages at one doorstep and then left. Sometimes the resident would be an honest soul who called the front office to let them know, but most of the time none of the intended recipients would ever see the package. Each time my package didn’t make it I would contact Amazon and ask them to NEVER drop off packages at any doorstep but leave them with the leasing office. Unfortunately, those instructions were never met.

A few weeks back I moved to a new place and decided to try to order from Amazon again. My thinking was that new address equals new and a (hopefully more) responsible delivery person. When the first package went missing, I contacted Amazon to let them know. Their response was to close my account and they would not refund me for the package or for the Amazon Prime membership which I have already paid for. I contacted Amazon, but they said their decision was final. I will now contact my CC company and ask them to do a chargeback.


ugh that’s annoying. Did they think you weren’t telling the truth?

I often find parcels just put under my doorstep and I think to myself what if that was really valuable! It’s lucky I have nice neighbours who take my parcels in for me!

That sounds awful. Sorry to hear your experience. Luckily our neighbour is helpful and honest.

I don’t know what they think, my story could easily be validated to be fair. It’s just disapointing that they don’t want me as their customer I guess. Meaning I would have to create a new account to use Audible, Kindle etc.

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