Manual Account Graphic

Would it be possible to allow users to customise the graphic that appears for a manually created account?

For example, I have created a manual account to record my Skipton BS. Instead of just the £ graphic - could be sync their Twitter graphic instead?


We were thinking emojis like custom categories, it’s much easier. What do you think?

Emoji wouldn’t allow for easy recognition of fund source.

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But it could “reflect” the fund goal?

It would be inconsistent with the rest of the platform though?

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+1 for this idea. The twitter sync would be my use case but I could see a category emoji making sense as well


Why are you arguing the suggestion of a paying (I assume) on the grounds of what’s easier?

I came on these boards thinking you guys would be fairly open considering the features you have that companies like Mint still haven’t implemented. That said, if “easier” is the motivation behind your work as opposed to “functional,” then I might as well cancel my subscription.

(Like common, EMOJIs?? What a dumb way to visually identify financial records. I was literally going to make a post suggesting you get rid of that feature in favour of something less corny, and more stylish, like the official category icons. Geez…)

Sorry to come down so hard, but this is the first post I’ve seen and it’s already left a bad taste in my mouth.

“Easier,” gimme a break…

Main issue is we like to joke here. :man_shrugging:

Emma has and will always have a friendly tone, so emojis are a quick and easy way to identify accounts. We do the same for categories, so it does make a lot of sense; but as always, we are more than happy to listen. 80% of the product has been built based on users’ suggestions. :wink:

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I agree emojis are probably not the best way of recognising accounts, I use manual accounts feature to track spending for the accounts Emma doesn’t support - I think Twitter handle or ability to upload a picture would be great. Also any possibility of creating a separate category for pensions, rather than putting them under investments?



To help us better understand, do you treat your investments differently to your pensions?

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I treat Investments as savings, so they would probably better fit there for me, as I can usually cash out any time if i really have to. Pensions are, well, pensions, I only get access to that money when I retire!

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This is live - you can add twitter handles to offline accounts. :wink:


This is a great feature but I noticed a small issue when I type a handle where the first character is upper case…

Twitter handles aren’t case-sensitive.
You can type everything lower case

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I know but I happened to have caps on and noticed the issue in the second part of the clip above


Thanks for reporting! :slight_smile:

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I just went PRO again and I hate this feature change. I much preferred selecting a graphic.

There’s a presumption now that the accounts a customer wants to show will definitely have a Twitter handle (I know this is how you source your logos with copyright consent so it’s a shortcut for you guys, doesn’t mean it works for customer).

For me, I was using this manual add feature to add accounts that you don’t yet support (who probably have Twitter handles, fine…) but also to show how much cash I have in different currencies. On that subject, it annoyed me that I could select a £ or $ graphic but here was none for €.

Why not add the graphic selection functionality back in for those who don’t want Twitter handles?

You can still do this.

We don’t enforce it on any account and from the next update you can also opt for an emoji.

You have 3 options: default, twitter and emoji.

Ah really? Because I just get the option of “Update logo” with the unicorn.

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If you create an account, it comes out with the default currency. You can then update the logo with twitter.