Airbnb Going Public

Airbnb certainly had a rough time during Covid - they apparently had over $1B worth of cancellations and their value fell from $31B to $18B!

But it seems they may be finally filing to go public…?

What do we think? Is Airbnb a company you’d consider purchasing shares in? :house_with_garden:

I don’t know much about stocks/shares, but once Covid goes away companies like Airbnb will surely see a big spike in people wanting to go on holiday again. Maybe not as much foreign travel but probably more ‘staycation’ type business that will take up some of the slack.

Probably not to the same level as it was pre-covid, but certainly much higher than it is now!

The question of whether NOW is a good time to buy really depends how much worse could things get in the next 6-12 months before that growth comes back…which is anyone’s guess really!

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Yeah or with the majority of people still working from home, they might see a small uplift in people choosing nice a place to spend a week working away? :woman_shrugging:t2:

This is a very good point - very hard to plan anything at the moment, let alone predict what will happen to a companys stock haha