PensionBee - PBEE - Share Chat

PensionBee goes public in approx 12 days and are offering shares to customers through PrimaryBid. Keen to hear people’s thoughts on this, is it a good shout? Are you planning on buying shares?

The government’s Pensions Dashboard is set to go live in 2023 - will this render services like PensionBee a bit redundant? I do wonder if they’re just trying to IPO ahead of this government roll-out, while the going is still good. But then I do think the concept is sound, esp as pensions are mandatory now and people often move from job to job :honeybee:

Have you read the prospectus?

This is the link:

Yes, I have read it :blush:

Any other thoughts from people in the Emma community?

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I found it interesting that with only £6m in revenue they are IPOing, what’s the play for you?

Yes the low numbers seem a bit sus and the annual deficit but I do think, with the right marketing, this kind of business could have good long-term prospects given pensions are mandatory in the workplace.

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That’s true.

What we have seen in the past 2 years is a ton of fintechs launching Pension accounts. Maybe they are all jumping in?

Yes maybe, now that we’re all forced to have a pension! For the first ten years of my working life workplace pensions were not mandatory, so I did not even think about it. Then the law changed in 2012. I speak to women in their early 20s and they are much more clued up than I was at their age about their pension, investing in general etc…