Add Cashplus Bank

Can I request if Cashplus Bank (recently become a bank) can be considered for future they have IPI currently use plaid via curve on open banking to view balances and would be good if could see on Emma for now have as offline account

Hey @Frankiethemadhatter :wave:

Thanks for the suggestion. Cool that they’re now a full bank! Have you noticed much difference?

I’ll let you know of any plans to integrate this as soon as I hear anything :blush:

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That’s interesting? Do you have a screenshot of the banks they support?

Hi there cashplus bank I can link to view my balances on pliad via my curve card plaid support most banks and online ones like monzo (less said about monzo the better bad experience lol) and cashplus bank and starling etc but cashplus is new bank but they have ipi and although i can use on pliad through cashplus I’m not actually sure if cashplus ipis work everywhere but I’m hoping can one day link to Emma as this is best open banking app I’ve used :slight_smile:

Sorry for delay getting back to you I’ve l found payments out seem to be getting fast and they say they have new features on road map as well I use as a secondary account after having a bad experience with monzo in the past but cashplus as always been a good experience for me although belive it’s always good to have a back up if using mobile banks i do use cashplus on Emma via offline bank its just having to add every transaction manually and sometimes the balance don’t tally where pending payments change etc but hopefully one day can connect through the ipi thank you for getting back to me love the Emma app :slight_smile:

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Yep, you are right.

Another vote for Cashplus please :+1: I know their API has been noted, I’ll link here for reference:

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Hey @Jefferson

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We have no eta for adding Cashplus, but I’ll post any updates here as soon as we get them :blush:


Thanks @rebekah,
I’ll stay tuned to this thread :partying_face:


Just wanted to find out any further with this as noticed snoop similar to Emma that now have cashplus integration and if Emma was likely to still consider cashplus still as much prefer using Emma hope it’s alright asking again