Delete closed account?

Hi - is there a way to delete a closed account without removing the still-active accounts from that bank? I have an old Nationwide savings account that I don’t really need to keep a record of, so I’d rather the data was just gone completely rather than hanging around under a “closed” section - but I don’t want to remove the nationwide connection entirely as I still have aseveral open/active accounts with them as well. Thanks.

You can mark this as “closed” and will transition in the closed section.

We don’t have a feature to fully remove accounts from the app. :slight_smile:

Have you tried hiding the account?

Thanks for suggestion, but you can either hide an account or close it, not both - either way, the data still shows in Emma, just collapsed at the bottom of the account list, so they basically do the same thing.

Just to clarify on the difference between an account being “hidden” or “closed” and help you choose:

Hidden: all transactions from that account will not show in “All transactions” and will always be excluded from any analytics. This is the setting you would select if you’re not interested in budgeting for that account.

Closed: all transactions from that account will still show in analytics and other stats. The account balance will show as 0. This is the setting you choose if you have closed an account and want to preserve its historical data.

There is currently no option for “I’ve closed the account and I don’t want the historical / it just needs to disappear”. Should we build it? How should we call it? The account would still show somewhere, otherwise where would you go if you remove it by mistake and want it back?

“otherwise where would you go if you remove it by mistake and want it back?”

I think a confirmation pop up saying that the deletion cannot be reversed would help preventing mistakes

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Mm… for hidden and closed, this can be reversed. :stuck_out_tongue:


There needs to be a way to totally remove an account from Emma. ‘Hiding’ and ‘Closing’ an account are all well and good, however Emma still retains the data using these options (great for historical data recovery).
A user should absolutely have the option to permanently remove ALL their data from any third-party app.

Unlink Account
Remove Account

They do but you’d have to remove the whole connection (’ More’ tab -> Settings -> ‘Bank Logins’)

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