Ability to add shares under investments

It would be super useful if we could add individual shares from the major stock exchanges under investments. For example say I have 10 shares in Accenture, it would be v useful to have an option just to add 10 shares of NYSE:ACN to the list. This would be beneficial for two significant reasons:

  1. There are a bunch of investment providers that are not supported (through no fault of Emma) - this includes the big names who don’t have APIs, but also for example the many thousands of users who will have shares in the publicly listed companies they work for which are not managed via one of those big investment providers.

  2. Realtime price. Right now I track the shares I have in my company via a manual account but it’s never really accurate as share prices change all the time. It would make WAY more sense if I just added the number of shares I hold and my employer’s stock ticker, and Emma automatically updated the current share price when I sync. Then the only maintenance it needs is for me to update to the number of shares I hold when I receive more or sell any.

Any thoughts?



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