Can you get shares into Emma as an Investment?


I have 3 sets of shares from different companies that I have worked for. Ideally I would like see the current value of the shares coming though as an investment account.

Does anyone know of a shares app that integrates with Emma?

If you have shares do you have them included in Emma?


Hi Heather,

are these options that were given to you? :slight_smile:


One set was a fixed amount bonus gift.
One is a monthly share save, I buy £100 worth of shares and get £50 worth free each month.
The final one is a 5 year option plan, I secures shares monthly at a pre agreed cost for 5 years. At the end of the 5 years I can either buy the shares at the agreed price or get my money back.

I am looking for something very basic that lets me enter a valid stock exchange company code, manually enter the number of shares I have against that code and the app would then track the value of the shares using the current stock exchange market value.

So these are public companies?

At this point, a manual account would work, I think.