Mercer Money Integration

Mercer Money Trust for Pensions integration?

I quite like the net worth feature that Emma has, but it’s a pain having to update my pension every month. Would be good to either have a recurring offline transaction that updates the balance or integrate Mercer Money Trust if they have an API??


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This is a great suggestion we’ll look into if Mercer has an open API and I also really like the idea of being able to set up a recurring offline transaction!

I’ve never heard of Mercer (sorry OP!) but I love the idea of a recurring offline transaction. Those, and Chase/Coventry, would complete Emma for me.

Noted! Thanks Peter!

Any luck on whether Mercer has an open API or not?

Now that Chase is out we have more time to look into additional integrations so hopefully Mercer Money could be soon!

I’ll fight you for Coventry Building Society.

(No actual fighting shall be had).

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