Four-Day Work Week Pilot Launches in UK

More than 30 companies will take part in a trial of a four-day working week to “herald in a bold new way of working in 2022”. :arrow_down_small:

How do you feel about a four-day workweek? :thinking:

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I’ve followed the 4-day week campaign for a long time now and was so happy to hear of the trial. I put my employer forward but sadly it was a no go.

I’m a strong believer now more than ever that my restfulness is a legs contributor to my productivity.

I wonder what the results will be after six months of testing. :slightly_smiling_face:

A close friend of mine, after several years of working for the same company, agreed on a four-day workweek because his company was not willing to increase his salary to the level he wanted. However, he was satisfied with working only four days.

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That’s a good way of getting a pay rise. Has there been any drop in work output?

Initial research suggested productivity could actually increase with a 4-day work week.

No, on the contrary, he works more productively because he knows that he has three days off to rest and take care of everything on his to-do list.

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