Why is everyone talking about Squid Game?

Netflix’s “Squid Game” will reportedly generate almost $900 million in impact value for the company. Although the company recently said the South Korean series was its biggest series launch ever, topping 111 million viewers globally

Like most people, I’ve watched and enjoyed “Squid Game” on Netflix. The Korean hit series is on track to be Netflix’s most popular show, but it exposes some hard truths about human behaviour.

What are you thinking about this series?

I’m thinking I don’t get it. 5 minutes in and I walked out the room. 10 minutes later the better half followed. I don’t get the hype :man_shrugging::rofl:

It’s kind of another take on Battle Royale. Korean vs Japan original.


@jase Each of us has different tastes and preferences. I probably started liking it from the second episode. I liked this statement of the director about the series. :blush:

Dong-hyuk Hwang, director-writer of the viral series attributes the roaring success to its simplicity, “Viewers can focus more on the complexities of the characters and be fully immersed in the story when the rules of the games are simple. People are attracted to the chilling irony of grown-up adults risking their lives to win money to repay their debts by playing kids’ games.”

@TheMightySwordfish true :thinking: Just like “The Hunger Games” or “Battle Royale”, “Squid Game” invited more than 400 people dealing with varying amounts of enormous debt to a game (based on Korean children’s games) where they can win a prize. The alternative, of course, is death.

I won’t be watching.

Not a massive fan of violence/horror generally in film or TV (dislike violence for the sake of violence), which is essentially what reviews tell me this is about.

@Matilda There are several violent scenes in the series. I just closed my eyes for those. At the same time, it is uniquely complicated and therefore interesting to watch and think about different moral values that exist in the world.

I think it’s probably more to do with Netflix’s massive market power promoting it.

For those who like podcasts…

Today in Focus: The Korean debt crisis that inspired Squid Game’s dark dystopia https://www.theguardian.com/news/series/todayinfocus
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@Gaoler Thanks :blush: I’ll definitely listen to this podcast later

I’ve no desire to “watch” something with my eyes closed… But if you like it, great.