What type of mortgage do you have?

Last week we published a guide which looked at the different types of mortgages in the U.K

We looked at fixed-rate, variable-rate, and offset mortgages, as well as the different subcategories that sit under these types.

As a mortgage is likely to be one of your biggest financial expenses, what do you do to make sure you’re getting the best deal? :house_with_garden:

Has anyone checked out the compare mortgages section in Emma?

The best thing you can do is… find a decent mortgage broker. They’re worth their weight in gold.

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As someone who has never used a mortgage broker before, how can you tell who’s decent and who isn’t?

I’d ask friends and family first.

Otherwise, the Money Advice Service recommends these sites:

Finding a mortgage adviser

We recommend using these websites to find a mortgage adviser:

Personally, I’d kook for an adviser that does whole of market and charges the same fee, regardless of the mortgage you end up with. I think gives you as close to unbiased advice as you can get.

It’s still worth getting an offer in principle from your bank (as it’s very quick and handy to show the vendor) and maybe even a full offer, as a good benchmark.

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Awesome - I’ll definitely come back to this nearer the time! :raised_hands: