Things you need to know before getting a mortgage?

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We’ve rounded up 11 things you need to know/ do before you apply for a mortgage

Things like:

  • Carefully consider what you can afford
  • Save as much money as possible
  • Research if you can get any help from the government
  • Register to vote
  • Pay your bills on time

and 6 more!

What do you think is the most important thing to consider before you get a mortgage?

A broker is often underrated. A lot of people feel it’s expensive but I think it’s good to have an expert involved who’s day-to-day job is just that and are regulated.

What are your thoughts on online mortgage brokers like Habito/ Trussle who offer "fee- free mortgage advice?

They are great to shake up the market. A friend had a great experience with it so I will try Habito soon.

That’s good to know - I think i’ll probably go with one of these two when it comes round to it :raised_hands:

I was looking at more traditional brokers like L&C but I’m definitely drawn in by the more online/ visual appeal of these two companies!

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