What I do for online security!

A few years back we had £6000 hacked out of our bank and since then this is what we do.
I never put my real name on any web page etc - I always change it slightly
I use KeePass2Android for my phone with the keypass file in Google drive only. I change the passwords every 6 months using the Keepass2Android and its all scrambled.
I use one email for ordering things etc. and delete all the emails every week.
My general Email gets changed every 2 years.
I use the phone finger login = I like it but its not totally secure = but then nothing is!

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Oh no, I hope you got it back!

Wow you are seriously on it when it comes to security definitely something to take note of!

Do you mean you delete all the emails sent to the one where you buy everything like receipts? Out of curiosity what is the reason for this?

Yep = I have one email address for casual use.
And one for purchases etc. This one is tied to some online suppliers like Amazon and also the bank (but I am reviewing that). This ‘money’ email is cleaned out after the transaction completes - the reason for this is that any hacking junk mail never accumulates and I am on top of any issues. Any receipts I need to keep I simply take a photo and keep that way. Lots of emails simply is unmanageable.

We are all sloppy with security in humble view, with emails in our name etc.
Yea, got the money back. The strange thing was that it happened on a Sunday (because thet the banks are closed and their security is lower). I was on line and looking at the bank and suddenly it went down infront of my eyes!!
Hackers normally take a pound out first to check it. (This is true esp for stolen cards).
I think the breach was due to my card being cloned at a petrol station.
At work, we have to change our passwords 3 times a year. KeePass2Android makes this easy and safe if the phone was pinched,

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I use a separate (virtual) mobile number for finance - my banks, shares etc. Only my finance contacts have it and so if I get finance texts or calls to my main number I know they are fake.

I use another for shops and online so I can turn off notifications when they inevitably spam me.

All businesses get their own unique email address - if I don’t get an email to the correct address I know it’s a fake. I also know who’s selling their email lists or has been hacked long before most businesses let on.


Ahhhh I see that totally makes sense, there is nothing more annoying than receiving junk mail from people you have bought from. The thing that annoys me is that gmail now splits everything into normal emails, social and promotions on the desktop version but not from my phone so it’s harder to delete junk and stay on top of it.

I would have had a panic attack if I saw that much leave my account! Ahhh yes outlook used to make me change my password every three months.

Guess I need to join the security club that is Hans :joy:

Trying to find a password manager I like that has good integration with iOS

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I use a password manager and two factor authentication where it’s offered. Not related to online security, but I also have location-based card security turned on at bank where it’s offered.

You do have control over whether or not that split is done. On the Gmail app for iPhone the toggles are in Settings > Your account > Inbox categories

Have you tried 1Password?

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Thank you @o99! I will do that now. :slight_smile:

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Right now I’m trying RoboForm but I think 1Password is likely to be my next try - RoboForm is too clever for its own good and wants to super specify fields, however the issue is it wants to let me control them! Way too much control

I just want to store my credit cards and passwords and have them auto fill, is it too much to ask?

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And another recommendation for a password manager, but this time for LastPass - it’s excellent. Has both browser and mobile extensions so you can fill in passwords on webpages/mobile apps using a master password or your fingerprint, and your passwords securely sync for free between your devices. I get it to randomly generate all my passwords so I don’t actually know my password for most of my accounts - all I need to know is my (secure) master password.

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Not going near LogMeIn products sorry :sweat_smile:

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Interesting - I wasn’t even aware they’d been acquired tbh. What’s the concern about LogMeIn?

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I have used keepass for years. Always good supports autofill and is portable or in the cloud. Wouldn’t be without it

They offer a product that they well know is majority used by scammers and yet do nothing to mitigate that

If you’re looking for a password manager that’s simple but does it’s job well on iOS I recommend trying Remembear. If you want lots of features then I also recommend trying 1Password. I liked 1Password, but the simplicity and intuitive ui for Remembear ultimately won me over.

Remembear looks neat but the track record of that company isn’t great sadly

Really? I had looked into the company before using Remembear and couldn’t find anything bad, so I obviously missed something. What happened?

US based, your data could be shared with any company in 5 eyes :slight_smile: and the company could be gag ordered so they wouldnt have been able to even let you know :wink:

Take a look at minikeepass - part of the keepass family. Its good

have a look at brave browser…
https://brave.com/cha717 - referral link.
Ive been using it for a while now its supposedly meant to block extra scripts/pop-up etc

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