What do you think about fuel shortage crisis?

I would start a new thread about the current fuel crisis for those who wish to discuss it.

When will petrol stocks be back to normal levels?
How long will the UK fuel shortage last and when will it end?

It would not be a fuel crisis if people just carried on doing their usual routine of when they got fuel. Panick buying has just worsened the situation and the media haven’t helped as by highlighting the fuel shortages, this resulted in many people panick buying. Next will be toilet rolls again fuelled by the media.


Part of the reason is that the switchover to E10 petrol meant that petrol stations were running their storage tanks down - tanks were emptier, so when there was a spike in demand petrol stations couldn’t rely on the reserves they normally have, whilst awaiting restocking.

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@Everybitcounts Yes, panic buying definitely does not help the situation.

@Matilda It is a difficult situation at a time when many people need the same product. I’ve already started thinking about the electric car :thinking: