What do you consider a habit?

I’m sure I read somewhere that you were working on the report figures (I’m still in the top 0.01% of spending on shopping which is worrying). But…

What do you consider a habit? I used to have lunch most days from LEÓN although not recently and then had it once last week and suddenly I have “kicked the habit” again? :-/

I think overall it would be more useful to see this weekly report based on previous weeks and skip out the things that don’t make so much sense. After all, the spend has already happened so it’s not like knowing I spend more than 99.8% of your users at Deliveroo.

What do others think?


We’re still working on all of this! :blush:

Would you be more interested in seeing these figures in relation to your own spending, and not other Emma users?

I don’t think it matters too much, I quite like the fun of seeing my spend against other Emma users, as long as it is accurate :wink:

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Just checked my year in review. Were the report metrics worked on before this was released? It still seems like I am one of the biggest spenders in general, not just in UberEats. I wouldn’t mind so much and it was explain the Covid-waistline, but I’m not sure the lack of material goods in my home relates to all of the report figures :man_shrugging:

I think I have spent like £2.5k on Amazon in 2.5 years but literally everything I buy is on Amazon nowadays except groceries.

I am also in the top 0.1%.

I was surprised actually when I read that. I seem to spend way less money and consider the price of things way more than most people around me.

Would be useful to see more info though, maybe age, gender, income. For example somebody who earns £20k a year and spends £1k on Amazon in a year, vs somebody who earns £12k a year and spends £1k on Amazon in a year, is this taken into account or?

I don’t know I just feel that stat of you are in the top spending of 0.1% alone and not comparable to other things, is not very useful.

I also save a lot. Would he good to see where my stats lie on savings too for some balance

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Agreed on some stats. I think other measures would be useful too;

How much compared to others do you save? What about investing?

Really like the idea of including some information on how you save your money, not just how you spend it - will definitely take this into consideration when we review the reports :blush: