What did I spend feature

On my app, I see a number of catergories and retailers I haven’t used in months on my “What did I spend this week/month/etc tab, but not any of my custom categories like “rabbits” or “books”.

Is it possible to edit this?

I don’t play WoW any more, for example, so having a Blizzard tab isn’t massively useful, for example

What Did I Spend doesn’t support any categories. It’s just merchants/tags.

You can search for those categories in Search. :wink:

Guess will have to learn how to tag then.

Thanks for the reply

You can search by Category…

@edoardomoreni How do you choose what merchants are displayed under ‘What Did I spend’?

The most used ones. :slight_smile:

Not quite the case with me as you can see I have no idea what American Express doing here which doesn’t any single expense till now…


Yes, these transactions are all in excluded, that’s why the list is empty.

We can fix it. :slight_smile: