Integrating What Did I spend and "Search"

I have seen a few people comment that having the search under accounts is confusing. I would like to +1 this. I have been using the app for a few months and only realized that there was a search icon there after I looked the "Quests " !! All this time I kept thinking “Cant believe they dont have a search!”

I know everyone has been asking for search to be moved and I agree that it doesnt belong under accounts. However my request is that the “What did I spend” have a manual search to pick merchants incase they dont show up in the list



Omg, this is completely our fault! :stuck_out_tongue:

Our two cents regarding this is that Search and What did I spend should be the same feature and we’ll work to unify them. :wink:


+1 from me :smile:

Search needs to be improved for sure. On the home screen option for searching transactions or tags feels not useful, UX needs to be improved for search!

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Would you place it in the Feed?

Hi @edoardomoreni

Hmm, for me when I am seeing all the information inside the analytics tab, I don’t see a need of searching for a particular transaction, analytics gives me everything! Not sure how useful this feature is for others.

If it’s useful, probably you need to add a better UX, like when u click the search button or an icon, it will display date/time/month picker and based on that transactions should show up and user can search a particular transaction from the response given.

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Hi edoardomoreni,

Is this unification going to happen in near future? The ability to search by merchant/category/tag AND see running totals for Different filters such as This Week/This Month/Last month/Last 6 months/Beginning of time etc is definitely going to be helpful.

Curve card already have such ability built into there “timeline” tab.


we have built it.