What are your favourite cashback sites?

Hey guys

I’m a big fan of using cashback to save a bit of money :money_with_wings:

At the moment I’m signed up with Topcashback, Quidco and Airtime Rewards

Are there any others that are worth checking out?

Although they have cashflow issues at the moment, take a look at ZipZero who will give you 0.50% back in exchange for your shopping receipt data.

Accumulated funds can then be used to pay towards certain bills. I use mine for water rates.

No online receipts accepted though.

SnapMyEats offer gift cards in exchange for shopping receipt data in connection with your eating habits.

3 receipts for £1 reward, maxed at 15 receipts per month, i.e. £5

Take mine as Amazon vouchers.

One sided receipts only though. Can use some online receipts, such as McDonalds.

Finally, check out HuYu, though their returns are much, much, slower, and apply to shopping at Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury, Tesco, Aldi and Lidl only.

Loads of great suggestions here @Pa.ul!

I actually haven’t tried any of these before - I think my initial thoughts are that with scanning all my receipts, the returns aren’t worth the effort, but then I guess every little helps…?

I’ve just posted about an exciting update coming soon to Emma! :raised_hands:

What do you guys think?

Just received my second HuYu £5 Amazon Gift Card Reward of the year :grinning:

Cashback coming to Emma - Depends if they are at vendors we are likely to actually use.

My American Express current Offers would seem to imply that I am a wealthy Londoner, rather than an average Midlander :rofl:

For example, money off at various outlets when you spend £100+, or even £500+ !!!

Not the outlets of your average bod, me thinks :smile:

Woo! :tada:

What kind of brands/ outlets would you like to see?

Personally, I think it should include national brands so that people outside of the south east can benefit as well, and shops that people use regularly.

Trouble is, other cashback sites, and banks, already include them, so how do you sway people to access via Emma and not, for example, their bank account.

Santander used to provide lots of Retailer Offers. Now I mainly see offers for their own products.

Halifax currently offer a one time use 10% off a shop at Spar, or Pets At Home. Then the usual utility companies and insurance products.

Most restaurant chains offer cashback through a variety of media. They range from 1% to 5% usually.

I would love to see Ikea, however, don’t think I have seen them on any cashback site.

Amazon dip in and out of cashback promotions.

DIY? B&Q, Homebase, Wickes, et al

I would say travel, but see little point in that at the moment.

Looking at your Twitter post image, I would not use any of those offers :man_shrugging:

Not enough people seem to visit this community for a poll, but how about trying one on your Twitter account, to canvas your audience on what they would like to see?

A down side to that though, playing devil’s advocate, is that you could then upset your audience if you failed to deliver on their choices.

Emma needs to know which brands to approach though surely. I would be surprised if this was not already a work in progress.

Good luck with it.