What are your favourite money apps?

Hey everyone!

We’ve written a new blog post about our favourite money apps (Emma being one of them :laughing:)

We’ve picked our favourite money app for:

  • Investing
  • Cashback
  • Budgeting
  • Pensions
  • Making Extra Money
  • & Selling unwanted items

V interested in knowing what your fave apps are for each of these things?!

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Not for any of the above categories but I’d put Splitwise in a favourite money apps list

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Ahh, I’ve only used Splitwise once and didn’t get on with it!

Tried to use it when I was on holiday with 4 friends, but I’d come from the UK, and they’d come from the US and OZ - and then we were travelling around 2 different countries so there were just waaaay too many currencies to deal with :exploding_head:

What do you mostly use it for?

I’ve used it in house shares with friends and also long term with family. Find it really useful for these more long-term/ongoing scenarios.

I’ve never used it with multiple currencies or short term (holidays with groups of friends).

Could see it working really well for house shares!

Guess its kinda like the Monzo shared tab too?

I’ve never tried the Monzo shared tab.
I think something like this needs to be bank-agnostic.

I love the Monzo Shared Tab and it worked brilliantly when my better half still used Monzo.

We use Monshare and love it:

Looks cool! Like that they’re obviosuly big fans of How I Met Your Mother :laughing:

I have no idea what that means but I’ll just smile :slight_smile:

Hahah :see_no_evil: Do you watch How I Met Your Mother?

They’ve used the character names from that show in the image above (Lily Aldrin, Ted Mosby, etc!)

No, I’ve seen it listed a lot but didn’t seem like my show. I am watching Superstore though.

We finished Married at First Sight Australia as our dirty little treat though!

Is it good? I’ve seen it advertised and it looks absolutely bonkers - I can’t everrrr imagine going on a show like that :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

It’s an easy crazy watch to wind down and laugh if an evening :slight_smile:

(Living in US.)

  • Budgeting - Emma, of course! :smiley:
  • Investing - Schwab/Public → use different apps for different purposes. One for speculations, one for regular investing etc. Robinhood has much better charts. I find Public app to be much more noob friendly, with warnings helping people take informed risks.
  • Cashback - No apps, mostly credit cards.
  • Selling unwanted items - Facebook Marketplace.
  • Net worth - Personal Capital provides great charts on returns and allocations. Suggests generic improvements to the portfolio.
  • Split expense - Splitwise + Venmo
  • Budgeting - Emma & spreadsheet
  • Spend tracking - Emma
  • Investing - I don’t think having a quality app is important. But for what it’s worth I think Hargreaves Lansdown has the best app / mobile experience of the platforms I’ve tried (HL, Interactive Investor, iWeb, Freetrade, Moneyfarm, Dozens).
  • Cashback & offers - Topcashback and Hotukdeals. But I use the websites more than the apps.
  • Selling unwanted items - For tech items I tend to try CeX and musicmagpie first. If their offers are too low and for selling more general items I turn to eBay.
  • Net worth - Don’t use an app. I use a spreadsheet.
  • Split expense - Splitwise
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  1. Emma (Best)

  2. True Bill (Close)

  3. Honey Due (pretty good)

  4. Honorable Mention YNAB. YNAB is a great budgeting app, but not so good at tracking cash flow. Using Emma with YNAB is amazing. Once Emma uses rolling budgets, perhaps I can use YNAB less. Emma NEEDS Rolling Budgets to compete with YNAB.

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Has anyone tried Updraft? I really like the design.

Yes I like it. It’s very quick too. I think they have gone overboard in terms of push notification and email every time you get cash back but it’s better than no comms :slight_smile:

On boarding was a tiny tedious but been using it for almost 2 months and all is good.

PS: While in beta you can go and withdraw even a few pence :joy: there’s no minimum limit.

Ah no!! I thought you meant Upside. I don’t know what Updraft is.

I haven’t tried this and it hasn’t come to UK yet but I really like the look of it…