Wealth Management

Thinking a little outside the box here…

Emma is a great for managing day to day spending. I wonder if it could be expanded to manage long term wealth too. Could it be used to answer questions such as; What is my net worth and What age can I retire?

To get answers to these you’d need to think about all assets and debts (incl. property and loans), annual spending, long term saving targets and interest rates. Then it would be interesting to see how spending and debt impacts these vs saving and investing. For example if I invest £15k and let it grow with compound interest it would be worth hundreds of thousands in 30 years time which would help me to retire at an earlier age. Versus: If I take out a loan for a new car I’d be paying the loan back and the interest would compound costing thousands and I’d lose the opportunity to invest that money which would decrease my net worth and increase my retirement age.

The earlier people think about long term financial planning the better due to the power of compound interest. If Emma’s objective is to be more than an aggregator and to help people manage and save money then I think this would align with its goals.


I think this is a great idea and it’s where we want to be.

Emma is all about improving people’s finances, so things like financial advice, help to save or invests are super interesting and always under our watch.

Emma Invest might come at some point in the future. :slight_smile:

I like this idea. The ability to add assets would be nice. It would basically be an additional manual account but there would be no need to track transactions just increases and decreases to value.

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