Unable to scroll to view transactions after savings goal added

Hi team,
I added a savings goal for one of my savings accounts. There are only four or so transactions, but I am unable to scroll down the screen to view the last transaction (which is obstructed by the “Add transaction” button).

Is the lack of scrolling a known issue?

Thanks :star_struck:

(You can see vague detail of the transaction from 26 June being obstructed by the “Add transaction” button)

We are checking this - thanks for reporting.

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Thank you :blush:

This is being fixed, sorry about it

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Amazing…thank you team :clap:t3:
It’s only a minor inconvenience for me for now as this account doesn’t have a lot of transactions, but great to hear this is being looked into so swiftly :blush:

Fix is coming out :slight_smile:

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Great…thanks for letting me know, Edoardo :blush: