New Transaction Screen ๐Ÿš€

Weโ€™ve got a new transaction screen! :grinning: What do you think??


Is this already released? Mine looks different :thinking:

Weโ€™ll be releasing it soon! Hopefully in the next few days :blush:

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Whatโ€™s the motivation behind the change? Mostly looks like existing features have just been moved around. It looks nice but I never felt there was a problem with the previous layout. Was there a problem?

One concerning change is I canโ€™t see any information on which account the transaction is from. Has that been removed? Will be a massive problem for me if it has!

We just thought the layout could be improved to make it look more slick :blush:

Also, the current transaction screen is a little confusing with the 3 buttons in the top right, the splits/ notes in the header, and then the toggles

You will deffo still be able to see account information - itโ€™ll be at the bottom and will say acc number and account name!


I definitely think this is an improvement. Much more user friendly.

Perhaps the โ€˜Renameโ€™ button sticks out a little as being in an awkward place compared to the rest of the redesign, but to be honest I canโ€™t think of a better place to put it really.

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Out of curiosity, why would anyone want to edit transaction date?

I sometimes do if the Direct Debit date falls on a weekend or bank holiday and I want to correct it, but I donโ€™t usually bother.

Itโ€™s good to have the option though I think.

But what do you mean by correct it? Doesnโ€™t the original date of the transaction reflect the date the transaction actually took place?

If a DD is due on the 29th and comes out on the 1st of the following month, I donโ€™t want it counting towards that month.

Likewise one of my weekly DDs sometimes will fall on a bank holiday Monday and is sometimes taken on the previous workday or Tuesday, so I correct that if itโ€™s the previous workday (Friday) so my weekly reporting / analytics are correct.

Ah ok. I see what you mean now. Iโ€™m not sure Iโ€™d call it correcting it but I see it can be used to bring things in line with budgeting/analytics framework.

If you do adjust the date do you lose the information on when the transaction actually took place or is that retained somewhere?

You lose the transaction date of the original transaction.

Ok thanks.

Would be nice if that could be retained somehow, perhaps in a hidden or greyed out field.

Looks good. From my perspective the three things that need to be used cinstantly are rename notes and category. Pity rename is not grouped with the others

Far too much space for the logo etc

Good the linked section is gone. This was mostly linked to the wrong transaction

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Linked would only be present with bank transfers between your own accounts wouldnโ€™t it?
So, not expected for a transaction with Costa.

I find Linked Transaction useful.

We just wanted the rename button to be close to the title :blush:

The new transaction screen has removed the details field which is important for Monzo (and I believe Starling) accounts. It contains the reference text for bank transfers.

Is this a permanent removal or will it be coming back?

They are at the bottom of the view.

Do you mean the text under โ€œneed to amend your dataโ€ and above the account name?

This doesnโ€™t contain transaction reference information for bank transfers from Monzo accounts. For these types of transactions from Monzo only the recipient name is shown (which incidentally seems to lead to ineffective search and smart rules with Monzo accounts, but Iโ€™ve mentioned that in other threads).

You used to display bank transfer references for Monzo accounts in a โ€œdetailsโ€ field in the old transaction screen but that seems to have been removed.