Two feature requests

As a user, I would like to configure the rate my accounts update/refresh, so that I can see my Emma dashboards with the latest data. (A refresh button here would be great).

As a user, I would like to have an all tab where I can see a graph of my savings across all accounts, so that I can better track my savings across my different accounts.

Hey Lewis. If you go to the ‘Feed’ screen and swipe down your accounts will manually refresh. You can also click the top right icon of the ‘Account’ page.

If you go to the ‘Accounts’ tab and click ‘Savings’. You will see a graph showing the changes to your saving accounts in the last week, month, three months, six months and year. At the top you can see your total balance.

The swipe down does not work for me :cry:.

Also my savings just don’t all go into savings accounts. I have investment accounts setup and I also keep money in current accounts too. It’s quite frustrating having to flick through all the tabs (current, saving, investments) to get an overall view of how much I’m saving across all of my accounts.

Have you tried going to the ‘Accounts’ page and clicking the refresh icon in the top right corner? That should work to.

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There is no refresh icon on my accounts tab (running iPhone XS Max on the latest version of iOS).

I’ve no issues seing the refresh icon my iPhone XR running iOS13. If you can’t see it, you sholuld report it in the chat as a bug. Here is what mine looks like


This looks to be a technical fault with iOS13/Emma.

Any ideas, @lilli?

Hey, @Lewis92 @BendikHa and @grant.m

Let me speak to the tech team about this and I will get back to you

This is the problem with having US and UK users. :rofl:

We can’t force a refresh in North America; but 2 days ago looks a huge gap, so we are looking into this.

Closing this.