Transaction numbers, average value etc

Please excuse if this has been raised before as relatively new to the app and still finding my way around some of the functionality.

Recently noticed that if you select a transaction then the total number, total value and average value of transactions with a merchant is shown. However this only appears to work for transactions with merchants that have their logo automatically assigned. Where a logo is manually assigned to a merchant the total number of transactions, total value and average value is not displayed. Is there any way of getting this to work for merchants with manually added logos?

Hey @glyn1954 :wave:

Not at the moment, but it’s something that we’re thinking about!

Hi Rebekah

It would be useful to have this as at the moment we have a bit of a half way house with total number, value and average transactions showing up for some merchants but not for other

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Yeah absolutely!

I notice this info is missing mostly from smaller merchants (and pubs :sweat_smile:) on my transaction list

I’ll let the team know and we’ll see what we can do :+1:

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