Tips for finding the cheapest flights

Hi All :raised_hand:

I have to buy a long-haul flight in the next few days and wanted some help. Does anyone have good tips on where I can buy cheap flights? Ther’s so many flight search engines out there and it’s hard to tell if some of them are legit.

My usual go-to’s are Google Flights (which I find utterly useless), STA, Expedia, Sky Scanner (but I’m not confident about the providers they advertise). Am I missing any?

You’re good for the standard places but also check individual airlines. I’m pretty sure that Virgin don’t allow their flights on the sites, for example. Also, booking direct can sometimes be a little cheaper. Make sure whoever you’re booked with is covered by insurance incase things go wrong and always pay by credit card.

I would use all of these and then use a different browser to go individual airlines. :sweat_smile:

All booked, this time through Expedia. Checked all of them and even the individual airlines and the price changed by a lot depending on the search engine