Best places to go in Europe on a budget!

Hey Everyone,

We just posted a little round up on IG stories, with our favourite places to go in Europe on a budget.

Where do you like to visit in Europe and why?

Please share your tips! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ibizaaaaaaaaa! :sunny::sun_with_face::parasol_on_ground:


Budapest and Prague :grinning:

Those are the two places I want to go!!! Was looking on air bnb the other night haha

Really cheap to go and made me realise what a great place Europe is.

I did Paris->Berlin->Prague->Budapest via interrail.

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In the past Poland and the other Baltic countries were cheap and provided excellent experiences, I have heard. Over the past years they have become more expensive destinations, but I have heard people speaking warmly off Albania. Albania is supposedly warm, cheap, friendly and with excellent food.

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Albania looks really good! I was having a look online and it kept coming up as one of the best price wise :raised_hands:

Just go to Greece. ahaha

Greece is expensive, I went there for the last 2 years!!

Then go to Italy. :wink:

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