Time spent on social media

Hi folks

How much time do you think you spend on social media each day?

This article is saying the majority of people spend about an hour on Facebook. Does that seem a lot to you?

Do you have a favourite social platform?


Ditched many moons ago

Interesting! For any particular reason?

I was getting very little out of social media. It’s designed to get your attention without the friction of real communication. Very boring, really. Much better off reading higher quality information elsewhere

Ah really!

I think a huge part of social media for me is using it as a way to find new content/ info/ ideas!

If you spend some time sourcing out the right people to follow, I find it can be quite valuable!

Where do you get most of your reading from?

Not a great social media fan, though, technically, aren’t forums social media too?

Read a few forums daily.

Facebook - ditched 5 years ago and not missed.

Yeah, Facebook seems to have lost its way a little bit.

Although saying that, there are some really great groups on there that follow a forum style which I enjoy reading!

What about Instagram/ Twitter? @Pa.ul

Not really.

Have accounts, however, do not really engage as do not enthuse me too.

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