Thoughts On Premium Bonds?

Interesting fact haha :joy:

I reckon I’ve only ever played the actual Lottery once or twice?

I know some of my friends do it all the time, but it’s never really appealed to me?!

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I am not much of a gambler so rarely gamble. When National Lottery started, I did play now and then but not played for years. Only gambling used to do was the Grand National but not done that for several years

I bought 50k 2 months ago… Won £125 so far… In it to win it

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Love this mentality! :raised_hands:
What have you been doing with your winnings? Spending, saving, re-investing?


Or in other words, made 0.25% interest…:upside_down_face:

I’d be interested to see how it pans out over a year!

Haha, hopefully it’s not just beginners luck!! @Stevo :wink:

I invested in Oct 2019, eligible from Nov 2019.

Currently on 1% return. Not full £50k holdings.

Nil in last draw. Seems to go miss, hit, miss, hit, miss, hit, miss, hit, hit

Never more than £25 prizes, all multiples of.

Like many, hoping for the big win :grin:

Hahah mine was more like hit, hit, hit, miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, miss… :joy:

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With 50k you have a 95-99% chance of winning more than you’d get in interest in the top savings account, so… yeah.

With £100, it’s more like 5%.

So you really are winning :slight_smile:

I held £1,500 for over 10 years (until needed money for new boiler system) and won a measly £25 on that.

Not until I put in substantially more did my luck change.

Relative has £100 worth of Premium Bonds and so far has won :x: since purchase in 2010. :man_shrugging:

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Not surprised. Was expecting this to be done a few months ago tbh.

Should not be the shock that it is really, I suppose.

Is the news of NS&I slashing the rates enough to make anyone consider moving their money elsewhere?

Everywhere else is cutting. I see no point in moving atm. Might add to it tbh.

Closed my Income Bond and Direct Saver accounts (very little in there anyway).

Will be adding to Premium Bonds as a few Fixed Rate savers mature over the next few months.

The current Fixed Rates are likely to be gone by the time I have any cash to deposit anyway :man_shrugging: