"This week you spent..."

Only been using the app for a week or so, but just noticed that the tile on the home screen which says “This week you spent £…” was including a transfer from my current account to my savings account as expenditure.

I have both accounts added in the app, so unless you unless it’s not possible, I’m not sure it should count transfers between accounts as spends?

Gave me a mild heart-attack until I realised what it actually was! :smile:

You can recategorise it as excluded as it’s an in and out transaction and it then shouldn’t be included in your weekly spend

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Can you message live chat? We should automatically categorise this as excluded. :slight_smile:

It would be great to see “This week you saved £…” in the feed as well!


Saved as in… how much money you added to a savings account?

Or, you normally spend £100 a week and this week you’ve spent £80, so you’ve saved £20? :laughing:

Yes, into savings accounts - which isn’t really spending!

We don’t really support these. :frowning:

You can easily track payments out of current accounts and Pro does manual savings too, so I track then approximately with Emma

Really, all you’d need is a Savings section alongside Spending and Income.