Has cooperative bank been removed or is there an issue?

Hi, I thoight I was seeing the correct balances for my cooperative accounts until a standing order sent me over my limit and I was contacted by the coop bank. Checking the actual coop banking app confirms that the balances displayed on Emma are way out.
When looking at the Emma dashboard the coop accounts are there with no mention of an issue.
Then when trying to reestablish a connection to the coop bank I see that the coop is no longer on the list of banks?
Is there an issue? Does Emma not support coop anymore? And why is there no information or notification on the dashboard informing users?

Unfortunately, Co-operative Bank has been removed from Emma’s supported banks.

This is to do with the transition to Open Banking and Co-operative Bank not yet offering an API connection. You should have received an email from Emma about it.

Please see the thread below for more information.

Thanks @Seb. :pray:

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