Text colour is same as background colour


There is a ux fault on the app. When I use the search functionality or when I search for a transaction in smart rules, the colour of the text I type is white which is the same as the background colour. As a result I can’t see what I am typing.

Are you using dark mode?

That happened to me too in dark mode - took me a while to realise that was the cause - newer l nearly logged it as a bug before I realised. Although it would be good if the app supported dark mode (only noticed an issue entering notes on transactions).

My phone is on dark mode but the app is on light mode. I didn’t even know there is a dark mode for Emma.

Even switching the phone to light mode didn’t help.

Actually you are right :sweat_smile:. Had to try again and restart the app.

Yeah it would be good if it can be resolved as I never use light mode.

You can try to update to the Android beta, there is a fix for this.

By the way, this should be fully fixed.

I upgraded to Android 12 and don’t have the issue as you suggested :+1:. Maybe someone else can confirm for older versions.

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This is fully fixed, I am happy to close the topic - we tested on multiple devices. :smiley:

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