Dark (Night) Mode

Android 10 and iOS 13 both have native dark modes.

Does anybody else want this? Is this on the cards?

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This is super cool and we have some early concepts of this.

Have a look.:point_down::point_down:


Ok now that I have seen this I want it so hard.


Here for dark mode!


@edoardomoreni do we have an ETA on this?

ahaha, not really.

Have you guys tested what happens with iOS13? I am not sure Apple is enforcing it.

I don’t have an iPhone, but I know android 10 has the option to"force dark mode" where android creates its own dark mode for the app. Can someone try this & see what it looks like?

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Wow, that looks good!

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It’s not enforced but apps can use the system settings as the trigger.

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Yes, makes sense. We haven’t designed / finished it yet. :slight_smile:

PLEASE have an option for OLED black and grey
Some people like one or the other

Outlook’s dark theme redesign is awesome, if you’d like a baseline

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Oh and sadly the bright background gradients might not work… perhaps move the gradients to actual elements themselves i.e. graphs, buttons, large numbers?

Will look pretty slick

I’m Partially Sighted and find a dark background and light text a lot easier to see, but it has to be done with thought to contrast. A ‘Material Dark’ sort of grey & light grey text for instance, is harder to read than the standard black text on white background.
I for one, would love a well contrasted dark mode on Emma (and every other app)

Does the current design give you accessibility issues?

Just having a quick flit around.

The colour scheme is usable, dark mode would just be easier on the eyes.

The smaller font sizes (Transactions, History, what did i spend? etc) would be easier to read if a font size bigger, but they’re currently legible if i squint a bit.

All of the coloured backgrounds (tiles etc) give enough contrast that i can still see the text, although it would be easier to see if the shading re how much of a category’s buget is spent, was a bit darker, but again it’s not inaccessible as is.
I think there needs to be a bit more balance between the font size of what I’ve spent of a budget, and what the budget is, within ‘this month’ and ‘analytics’. I can currently see very easily how much I’ve spent (over) my budget, but the budget amount itself is a bit more tricky, but is just as important to me.

So… that’s the long and rambling answer.

The short answer? Nope!

(Sorry about the ramble!)

@edoardomoreni Hey - when will dark mode arrive? Emma and WhatsApp are literally the only apps I regularly use that don’t have dark mode… (my eyes! :eyes:)

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I tested forcing dark mode on Android 10, it does look pretty sweet!

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Can you only do that thru dev options? My org doesn’t allow access to the options.

Yeah, unfortunately it’s in the dev options!

Oh ok… Too bad.

Hopefully the Emma team will make a proper dark theme soon!