Support is not in today (monday)

I accept that support does not work Saturday or Sunday but no responce today from a request submitted on Saturday

In the interests of open communications there should be an auto answer that says something like

We will not get back to you for at least [8 or 12 or 24] working hours. Support does not work on Saturdays or Sundays

I have an issue where one of my bank accounts has been removed, seemingly linked to open banking and I have lost 6 months of transactions rendering the app pretty pointless.

Similar issues with support since last week. I am a pro user with a 6 monthly renewal coming up.

It’s a shame because I have really loved the app.

I don’t mind readding the accounts but I want all the transaction data and tagging back.

Go to your closed accounts list and you can see the transaction data there

This is due to migrating to Open Banking.

Some savings accounts are not supported any longer.