Subscription predictions not showing in Subscriptions list

Not sure if this is a bug or whether I’m just asking too much of Emma.

I edit the predictions for quite a few of my subscriptions each month but they still show the old date in the list. If I then select the subscription it does show the correct date but reverts to Emma’s own estimate when I go back to the list.

One particular example is a subscription that I pay in February, April, August and October. I’ve set the frequency to every 2 months and then edit the prediction after the April one to be in August. In the Subscriptions list it still shows as next being due in June.

Another example is when I reactivate an old subscription which has a gap of a few months. I edit the prediction to the date it starts again but the subscription stays at the bottom of the list showing no date at all.

This appears to have corrected itself after going into a new budgeting period.