Better date chooser for Subscriptions

Hey Emma team,

I recently paid my rent early (at the end of April instead of on May 1st) because the first of the month was a weekend. Unfortunately now my app doesn’t recognize it as a subscription payment. I tried to edit my rent subscription to be from the 29th of the moth to the 1st of the next month but the app doesn’t allow that. Can you make the subscription date chooser more flexible please? This may require adjusting or removing the calendar popup, or just having 2 drop down date chooser: 1 for the first day of the subscription payment period, and 1 for the last day of the period. See screenshot attached - this shows the dates I want in my subscription payment period.

The closest Emma request I’ve seen is this but it’s asking for one date - I want a better way to select a range of dates:

Hi @kimberly,

the selector is needed to help Emma understand when the payment falls, you should be able to select 1-29 with no problems, what do you see?

Did you see my screenshot on the original post?