Splitting an up front payment up over future time periods

A number of subscriptions I pay for are paid yearly and up front, such as football season tickets, golf membership and so on.

The problem with this is either i leave it in and it puts me over my budget for one month, or I ignore it and technically my monthly ‘budget’ is not quite right.

It would be great if you could take a payment, then turn it into a ‘pre paid subscription’. I could choose a start date, a frequency, and a number of payments (i.e. 12 for a yearly subscription). This would ensure my monthly analysis is correct.

Has this idea come up before?

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Well, yes in some sense. People usually ask for yearly budgets, instead of monthly ones.

It does the trick both ways. For us, it’s just a design challenge. :slight_smile:

With Pro, you can probably split the payment and then exclude a chunk of it, but this is probably not ideal!

Another, potentially simpler option is just to allow ‘manual subscriptions’ that would never actually go out, but be included in your monthly analysis.

Currently you have to choose an actual payment to kick off a subscription, but if you could just choose start / end date, interval and a name you could do that and just exclude the up front payment.