Split the bill or pay in full on a first date?

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Is splitting the bill on a first date the way to go?

This question often leads to different opinions and can cause tension between couples. If mishandled, you could be labeled as sexist or stingy. However, when done right, splitting the bill can be a fair practice that promotes equality in a relationship.

But how can you divide the bill without causing any offense? What key factors should you keep in mind?

I have never done this but I have never dated a girl that has requested I do this. I think it depends on the date, the person you’re dating and what the circumstances are. There is no way I’m paying for someone who was rude the entire time, I know some people go on dates for free food.

If you’ve met someone on an app with no prior relationship I think it’s weird to pay for them unless you have a very good rapport. If I knew the person for some time beforehand I wouldn’t have an issue paying unless it was very expensive, then I’d go to the bathroom and never come back.

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Thanks for sharing!

Have you ever tried the trick with a bathroom? Just curious if the strategy works… :eyes:

No, I’ve never actually tried it. I’d feel too bad for the other person, plus there isn’t normally a discreet way out of the building. Logistically it’s impractical, you’re better off pretending to get a phone call, going outside and not coming back.