Smart Rules To Auto-Categorise Activity Based on Preset Keywords or Description

I find myself manually changing Categories in the App over and over again. It would be awesome if the App allows users to Preset description keywords (or other parameters) to recognise and automatically Categorise entries.

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Doesn’t the app learn from the edits?

After a few it should be consistent unless the reference changes.

I’ve started using smart rules to categorise transactions in manual accounts, as the automatic category recognition is just broken.

I have the following regular payments, for example:

Nationwide Credit Card
Nationwide [name of family member]

Emma just cannot distinguish between the two. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

There’s no way to tell the app that’s it’s wrong either. Recategorising just sets the app to one category instead of the other.

Another example.
I pay different amounts to an insurer for different products.

X insurance - £20 per month
Y insurance - £5 per month

No problem telling the difference with smart rules, but auto categorisation just never gets it right.

Smart rules just let you filter transactions with a bit more control and work for annual expenses too, though it’s a bit weird mixing up balances and analytics…