Pro User Category's

As a pro user - I would love to be able to disable some of the standard categories which would make it easier for me to do my daily budget tracking. Since setting up my own categories, I have to scroll through the standard set and mine combined to find the one I’m looking for. :mag:

I’ve set up a number of different categories and these are always listed at the top followed by the standard categories. Don’t know if this helps?

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Where does this happen?

It appears when I am trying to edit a category and only want to use some of the standard and mine.

When can build a “hide” functionality pretty easily, would this help?

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That would most certainly help, as it would speed up checking account entry’s.

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Category groups including “frequently used” would be great.

I have loads of categories that I actually never use manually, as they are for DDs and regular payments.

My category list is very unwieldy…

What we can do is hide the category on that view, but it still needs to stay across the app - as in the user needs to remove transaction from that category.

Understood that should work :+1:

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Awesome, thanks for the feedback.

I’ve just checked and I guess you you are just going to set it up the same way that anyone can delete categories they have set up themselves?

No, we can’t delete default categories - we can hide them from the view, but that’s just about it. You would still need to categorise transactions from hidden ones to your custom.

Ok makes sense.