Searching for a transaction, why is it not possible to search by the amount?

Sometimes I don’t know how else to search for something other than by the AMOUNT.

Surely this would be very easy to implement as you are simply searching for a number

For example I cannot remember which card was used for a Deliveroo order and due to an issue they have refunded me

For privacy they cannot tell me which card only ‘it went to the original card’

I know the exact refund amount and so just wanted to search for that, for example £40.52

Surely this is possible and I just don’t know how to do it or …?

You can combine the “greater than” and “less than” search filters

It’s not a great experience to have to use greater than or less - just searching a number would be better.

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Is this likely to be fixed at some point? Searching for an amount like “110” or “33” would be really beneficial - a quick way to match exact transactions.

Yes, let me open a ticket.

The problem that I see is with the exact match.

What if it’s £11.20 or +£10 or -£10.

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I think search results should only be exact match if typing a number in. Otherwise we could use greater than and less than?

It’s already in the feature

Yes sorry - I mean that solves your problem scenario. I still think we should be able to search an exact match number.