Saving pots inspiration

I thought it might be a fun idea to share my savings pots list here as inspiration to others for how it can be used.

It would be nice to see others share theirs (so long as not too personal and confidential.

Here goes:


Should add that I’m on the start of my journey here so that’s why there’s nothing much saved yet.

For the big saves I’ll be doing these manually with any money left over the day before payday. For the little things such as birthday present fund, I’m using autosave for that.

Some of the others are going to be left for a little bit but are placeholders for a few months so that they’re not forgotten

Those are a lot of pots!

Have you tried to set up autosaves with the splitting feature?

I have only one called “Mortgage” ahah.

Yeah, I’ve got autosave setup and quite like it. In fact I’ve factored it into my new systems (it’s been evolving).

Now I’m using emojis on my pots to help understand them more at a glance.

The first symbol (red, amber or green) represents how I’m saving into the pot:

Red = not currently saving but plan to in future
Amber = Trickle saving via autosave
Green = Actively saving, a chunk is taken just after payday and distributed across these pots and any amount that remained before payday is also split across them

The second symbol represents if the pot is protected or not:
Padlock means do not touch, money shouldn’t be removed
Unlocked padlock means in an emergency or redistribution across pots, money can be removed

The final symbol essentially defines if the pot is continuous with no end date or if it has an end once a goal has been met. This is defined by the recycling emoji or the finish flag.

Still working on this but will update as it evolves!


Bro, I use the colour system as well. I thought it was overkill but I can see I’m not alone.

I am just wondering if we could build this in a better way rather than emoji - it could be a feature :wink:

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