Ability to add a description or notes to savings pots

I absolutely love savings pots, works really well for me (I probably have too many, I have a problem :rofl:).

An improvement I’d love to see would be maybe a description field. I like to put what the pots for as best I can and keep things uniform, however for example:

Pot - Description
Dad Loan Payback - to payback dad for medical loan
Debt recovery fund - to get joint account out of overdraft and then pay off credit cards.

Only a little thing and perhaps an edge case, but something I know I would use

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Also, dare I say, saving pots categories so that they’re grouped.

Example usage:


Hi Thomas,

I feel the same way about the amount of savings post haha.

Those are amazing suggestions – I’ve passed them on to our product team. Thanks!

What’s your favorite savings pot? :eyes: