Energy providers comparison

I’m using the tool to compare tariffs for the first time, and the numbers provided don’t really add up to me.

I spend currently more than a 100 pounds per month with my current tariff.

I run two different quotes:

  1. Without specifying how much I currently spend per year
  2. Specifying how much I spend per year (1100 kWh)

In the first case, the best offers show a monthly spending around 55 pounds, with a more than 200 pounds saving.
In the second case, the best offers are around 18 pounds per month. Great! I would expect much more saving per year, right? No, the annual saving is 60 pounds.

How is that possible? Is there some error in the calculation?

Hey @stc :wave:

This is a weird situation and could possibly be an error with the MoneySupermarket calculations.

Does the same thing happen when you try directly on the MoneySupermarket website?