Samsung Fingerprint and Face Recognition

I suggest switching the Fingerprint and Facial Recognition options at login, so that Facial Recognition is default and if unrecognised it also allows the option to use fingerprint. At the moment, I open Emma and have to tap Facial Recognition to use it which defeats the point. I could just as easily use the Fingerprint.

I have since removed fingerprint all together to open Emma more quickly.

I am using a Samsung S20+ is that makes any difference.

Thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:

Yes, at this point, we are using Facial Recognition as default and if not present we would use fingerprint on the device. It’s the same logic we use on iOS.

Currently, fingerprint is default despite having facial recognition activated. Have I done something incorrectly?

On Android, we pick facial recognition if there is or we fallback to fingerprint - but if this is not the case, we can defo double check on this device. :slight_smile:

Please look into it for the S20+ as what you’re describing does not happen on my device. It asks for fingerprint first.

Just to add to this I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and my fingerprint also appears to be the default. I have to tap on facial recognition to be able to use that instead.

I have a feeling this may be a Samsung related issue, as I have now experienced this across multiple apps.

As in switch between the two?