10 - HSBC - Something Went Wrong Error - RESOLVED

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Some users are reporting issues adding their HSBC accounts to Emma. After they’ve used their Face/Touch ID/Entered their Digital Secure Key password manually, they receive the following error.

This is a known issue and we’ve reported it to the HSBC Open Banking team.

you are encountering this issue, reach out to us via chat and we’ll add you to the ticket we’ve raised.

We’ll continue to update here on the action and responses we get back from HSBC :slight_smile:

Same situation here.

Update 2nd April

No response from HSBC - followed up


Update 3rd April

No response from HSBC just yet. Will check back in this afternoon

Update 6th April

No response from HSBC over the weekend. Follow-up with them today

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Update 7th April

Response back from HSBC. They require additional information in order to debug what’s going wrong (:expressionless:)

We’re collating this new information and sending it off to them ASAP


Update from earlier today.

We provided HSBC with the additional details. We suspect that the issue lies with a new app update that HSBC has released. We asked HSBC to investigate with priority as it appears to be impacting all users that have updated to the new version of the HSBC app.

It also appears to be happening across all HSBC brands (First Direct, M&S, HSBC)


Update 9th April

HSBC hasn’t responded to the additional information we’ve given to them. Followed up with them asking for any updates


Some users are reporting that this issue is resolved when they update the HSBC app to the latest version and try connecting again in Emma.

If this doesn’t work for you, continue to monitor this thread

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Update 15th April

Here’s the latest from HSBC

"We have investigated and we cannot find an error with the app. We have also tried to reproduce the error but all users (iOS) we tried can successfully connect their HSBC account with Emma. We tried this with 4 different users and have received no errors.

Can you please make sure that your customers are using the latest version of the HSBC app, which is v2.27. 0-B133" :expressionless:

If you’ve updated your HSBC app to the latest version (v2.27) and you’re still experiencing this issue, please reach out via chat and let me know.

We’ll need to go back to HSBC with more information about who it’s going wrong for

Issue Resolved - Thread closed