Rolling budgets/changing budgets

Need some help here…

If my income changes or I want to change a budget for whatever reason, i can change this in the budget tab. However, if i have rolling budgets activated the number in the budget tab reflects the months budget AND the rollover amount.

The issues here are that if I can’t remember the original monthly allowance I’ve no way to find out what it was after some has rolled over.
Also, if I want to adjust the amount (say by -10), do I change the current figure (budget + rollover) or do I need to change it to what the new budget should be and effectively lose the rollover amount?

For example, if i have 100 assigned to bills and use 80 last month, this month is 100 + 20 rollover. If I want to then change my bill allowance to 90 per month, what do I do? The budget tab shows 120 (100+20) and I want it to be 90 plus whatever was rolled over. Do I a) change the value to 110 (120 -10)? But then won’t this allocate 110 each month rather than 90?
Or b) Change it to 90? But then this shows 90 allowance for this month, so I’ve lost track of the 20 that was rolled over from last month?

Or have I completely missed something out here?

Good question!

Can you change the budget this month to £70 + £20 rollover, and then next month amend the budget back to £90?

That would be a workaround… if I could remember what the original budget was, but there’s no clear way of checking what that was… unless you know a way?

Regardless, that doesn’t feel like it’s how this should be working as it’s not particularly user friendly and is one of many things that makes the app feel really clunky (just try to change the ‘2’ to a ‘1’ in £325 without cursing your phone).

This isn’t an uncommon problem. People get pay rises, costs for things change, budgets change as you learn more about your spending habits etc. There’s many reasons why someone might want to adjust one or two budgets slightly without having to redo their whole finances but this doesn’t work with the rolling budgets.

Can we put this in as a request for enhancement? The solution could be simple, in the budget tab just splitting out “monthly budget” and “rollover” into two columns.

That would also lead itself on well to being able to assign rollover amounts to different things in future, I.e. if you didnt spend all your budget on shopping this month you can assign the rollover amount to “holiday”. I assume a lot of people budget so they can save for their holiday.

Thanks for this feedback!

So on the analytics tab would you want to click into budgets and then the first column shows your original budget (say £50 on food) and then the second column shows your rolling budget total (say £85 on food) and the second column is what we use to peg against your spending?

Yes, exactly that - BUT with the ability to change the original budget without affecting the rollover amount.

So, if I see I’m consistently spending £40 on food rather than £50 I can drop the original budget to £40 without losing sight of the £35 rolled over from last month.

Currently, the budget tab would just say £85, so I don’t know that my original was £50 and even if I did remember that and changed it to £40 then the £35 that was rolled over doesn’t exist anymore according to the budget tab.

Has anything come from this?

I’m concerned that rollover budgets arent working correctly but without knowing what my original monthly budget is then I cant check.

If I have to keep resetting the budget eah month then it defeats the purpose of having rollovers

Would it be useful to show the previous period budget?

Hey, thanks for responding.

I think it would be more useful to see data for budget and rollover amount displayed separately (on the budget tab) with the option to adjust the monthly budget without affecting the rollover amount.

Imagine a situation where I’m under budget on groceries for a few months and have accrued a large amount of rollover (say £50). I may want to temporarily reduce my grocery budget (say by £10) while I use up the £50 rollover amount. That way I’m free to assign the £10 I’ve reduced groceries to something else like eating out.

In this scenario I’m rewarding myself for saving in one area, by having more to spend elsewhere - without losing track of any of my spending and without going over any budget.

Hopefully that makes sense? Explained more simply; I want to be able to see and be able change a monthly budget amount (at any time of the month) without affecting the rollover.

Thanks for this feedback) We’ll pass it to the product team. :wink:

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