Response to feedback

Community communication is lacklustre, been given numerous amounts of feedback from users paid and not, very selective response, almost like criticism can’t be handled, maybe you guys need to restructure your business, Given many recommendations which should be ironed out in beta (which I was a part off) £60 a year should be enough to accelerate growth but again priority’s in wrong place, I most likely will not renew If the basic requirements for a finance analytics app can’t be met, undermined when trying to assist community, having to correct co-founder when basic functionalities don’t work, transparency is needed as faith will be lost of the community. If you have feedback feel free to add if the thread is closed it’s not from my doing.

I think community engagement is excellent. Four members of the Emma team contribute regularly, including the CEO and CTO.

I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect every single item of feedback on the community recieves a direct response, but I’m sure it all gets read and considered by at least one member of the Emma team.

I think the value of posting feedback and ideas on the community is it fosters discussion with other users who might either agree or disagree, or build on the idea. But if you want to guarantee a response from someone in the Emma team it might be better to send feedback via the in-app chat.



I’m sorry you feel this way - I’ve really enjoyed reading all your ideas and feedback over the last couple of weeks!

Like @o99 says the idea of the community is to start discussions about new ideas and features - unfortunately, we can’t implement all new ideas straight away!

Thanks for the response guys, think you misunderstood me , not on about new ideas, having to message COPS almost every other day to get basic broken functions fixed isn’t fun, I being one customer I feel sorry for customers like yourself who’ve paid up to £60, this app needs to Iron out the basic requirements before charging a crazy amount of money, stop moving onto to new ideas until the existing app is fixed, that’s all I’m saying, it’s getting ridiculous, bare in mind I have enough banter here and there taking the pee out of the competition for a little fun but at least they address basic issues and get it sorted ! Just to elaborate none of my issues are sorted, so my account is no where near the point I’d expect to help run my finances.

I think @Joel can help and clarify. :slight_smile: