Reports feature request

Hi there!

Wondering if we could mark cards in reports as useful or not. For example, I’ve gotten this one about lowering my power bill by switching providers, but I live in an area that has centralized power, so there’s no other provider to choose.

I’d love to be able to mark that as not useful so I don’t have to see it every month when the light bill posts! Or mark the one that celebrates my not having spent money on Kindle as not useful.

Also, I must second the question posed by @NobleMule back in May about how it determines that I’ve spent more than practically everyone on whatever it is. I do order Ubereats more than I should, but really?


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Heyyy @detritus :wave:

This is a really cool idea - we’d love to know which cards people find useful as well, so this would benefit us both!

We’re spending some time over the next few months working out how we can improve the spending reports (sometimes a bug does mean that the analysis, like your Ubereats example, doesn’t quite make sense)

If you’ve got any ideas for other bits of analysis you’d like to see in the spending reports please let us know! :raised_hands:

For me the reports are frustratingly vague. Any time a card seems useful I want to drill down on it to find out what is underlying it. E.g. I spent a lot on Friday, in a particular category, etc - how can I find out what caused that? Answer: close the report, go into transaction detail or go into the analysis tab and look at that category and manually add up the purchases in question. Then go back to the report - nope, it’s a one time thing that can never be looked at again.

The ‘you spent more than 99% of users’ ones are meaningless without context. How much did the mean and median user spend, or how many users actually spent any money at that merchant? I’ve also had this card for Deliveroo the first time I spent anything with them for a couple of months - taking into account averages over a longer period would also be more informative.

I also really don’t need to be congratulated for not spending money at Sainsbury’s/Tesco/Ocado - either I spent a similar amount at one of their competitors instead (neutral for my budget) or I probably ate out more and cooked less (not so good for my budget). There was also that time I went away for a couple of days and afterwards got congratulated for not spending money at Co-op - I just don’t have one near my home and get my groceries elsewhere, it’s not a feat of willpower! :laughing:

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Heey @Greg

Thanks for your comments!

Like the idea of being able to click into the graphs for more info :raised_hands:

Instead of the 99% of users card and the ‘you didn’t spend’ card, what kind of analysis would you prefer to see on the weekly reports?

I think the 99% cards could be interesting, but I think they need more context.

I’m not sure that the you didn’t spend cards are useless, but I don’t remember seeing one for me that was insightful. Probably a similar card but based on categories instead would be better.

I’ve seen it mentioned elsewhere in other threads here but it seems obvious to me that you should be able to get back into the report somehow after clearing the notification.

What would you like to see?